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QUANTUM MYSTERY OR QUANTUM COMEDY? Chilling, surreal occurrences—starting with a monstrous creature on an arch—seize the interest of shy twenty-six-year-old Italian-American scholar Rich Travella and his high-strung Venetian girlfriend, Simonetta. Elegantly written, with a strong sense of place, One Week in Venice brings a wondrous city to life, at times in almost travelogue fashion. 


The Pickle Story by Robert F. Stover and his daughter Laura Basset is a delightful and original work of long-neglected local history. The authors invite us to share a time which has vanished in history, as they reach back to explore social and human issues still with us today. The story is current in regards to immigration as it focuses on the Bracero Work program which brought so many Mexican laborers to our country in the 1940’s.


November 1910. Asbury Park, N.J. Ten-year-old Marie Smith is brutally murdered. After days of investigation, Asbury Park and county officials are at their wits end in their attempt to pin the crime on two suspects, one black, one white. Finally, the authorities decide to call in the famous William J. Burns National Detective Agency. In The Murder at Asbury Park, the dead return to life and reclaim their “voices” on paper and in the reader’s mind. It’s true crime in reportage, literal and without invention. Truly, it’s like nothing (nothing!) you’ve ever seen before. With 60 illustrations, many of them rare and one of a kind.

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